pov: I am dating my project…

by Sethu Poswa

It was Valentine’s day when we first met, and I remember being excited to have been introduced to them. As soon as we had met, I did not expect to move as fast as we did. I found myself spending more time with them, finding out more about them and gaining a deeper understanding of what they are about as our weeks together progressed. The more time I spent with them, the more I found myself pondering them, whether I was at church, during my lunch breaks or while I was going out for an afternoon stroll. I even found myself dreaming about them at times.

As much as I enjoyed our time together, I will still be petty enough to bring up the fact that it was a love-hate relatiuonship in that I loved them but they hated me. Slowly but surely, “Where have you been?” was the new “Hello” when answering a phone call from friends and relatives and I had wondered when I had started placing so much emphasis on ensuring that they had my undivided attention for 24 hours of the day. Perhaps it was during all those late nights spent together at the lab or perhaps it was when I would turn down at least 95% of my weekend plans just because I was not sure whether they would approve of me spending time with anyone else. Of course, it did not help that I was always spoke of being with them if I wasn’t in their presence. One could have called me obsess-I mean infatuated at this moment in time.

Oddly enough, the saddest part of this relationship was the break-up. Yes, the break-up. This relationship was coming to an end, and we could both feel it. The only way I know how to describe that feeling is to describe it as something that felt as though it was coming to completion. Nowadays I still find myself yearning for just a little bit more time with them, even if that means there is a chance that I might pull out my hair out of frustration.

With all that is said and done, this was a very enjoyable relationship that helped me realise what I am capable of. Never have I ever been pushed so hard by anyone or anything in my life, and the fact that I was able to make it has taught me a lot about myself. In the distant future I am hoping to meet with other projects along the way, who knows maybe the next project might lead to a proposal…A project proposal, that is, for master’s….

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