Your happiness lies in your own hands

by Jeanice Rose Bourobou Boukamba

I am tempted to write that 2021 was not so bad, but after deep reflection I will say it was great!

It’s the year when I finally managed to free myself from my bad anxiety and panic attacks. It started on a good note, I made some awesome resolution, after three years of isolation, I finally decided to boost my social life and start connecting with people. In 2021 I decided to just let myself “be”, and I learn how to balance my student life with the rest.

2021 was the only year I felt a profound disappointment; I received reject letters from most of the Universities I applied to. After four years of hard work, the letters I was receiving made me feel like I wasn’t good enough. It was with sadness that I was thinking that my efforts where meaningless.  I was seeing my dream of becoming a medical researcher flying away until I received an acceptance letter from UCT.

The bitter taste I had from the eight letters I received before my admission prevented me from savoring my achievement. I regret this moment. With hindsight, I understood that I can’t always have everything I want therefore I decided that in 2022:

I must always be happy and celebrate my achievements. This attitude will keep me motivated and productive.

I should stop focusing on what I did not get but rather on what I have or can get from my hard work. One needs to go through the falling down to learn how to walk.

To end my short reflection, I will say that positivity is the key to happiness and success, at the end of the day we become what we think we are.

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