More Than What Meets an Eye

by Siphenathi Ntoba

Everyone is subject to challenging situations but those who trust in Almighty always rise like an edifice above them. This is how I live, and all life is spiritual and a mystery, but it is responsible for everyone to discover purpose in this life and walk worthy of it. This reflection communicates gratitude and positive mindset during troubling situations
experienced this year.

The best thing to do when you are face with diverse temptation find right people to talk to. As a student be able to talk one of your supervisors or else discern which supervisor can deal with your situation. Registration for 2022 academic year was an initial problem which happened for a month. This required me to constantly communicate with administration people through email from one person to another, and then I got academically registered. Finances were the biggest challenge, and that has contributed to my academic performance. However, during the month of June everything was in accordance with the Lord revealed that to me that time through His foreknowledge. I was so happy to see things fall into places irrespective of how my year began at UCT. This made my transitional period from undergraduate to honors program to be quite interesting and testing of character.

It was a pleasant experience to be in the laboratory (Lab) for me this year after COVID19 lockdown suffered me not a chance to be involved partially my undergraduate lab work and indeed this was amazing experience. This was really challenging at some point, but I finally won. The Lab manager was a nice and patient with each one of us, this re-assured us to be right student at the right place and well cared for. This kind of an atmosphere made it easy for us student propelled us for excellence regardless of lab challenges. Supervisors were amazing people who were always eager to assisting me in every way possible. I am grateful.

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