by Palesa Tjale

For the longest time, I’ve always worked towards perfection and made sure that I get the outcome I want. Sometimes I just feel like I was able to accomplish perfection because all the materials have been handed out to me but this year has been different. I visited my childhood traumas unconsciously. It’s been a really emotionally and mentally draining year but I’ve learnt that we really choose which part of our lives we want in control, one wouldn’t be the happiest if one chose the dark part of them to outweigh the other parts. I mean every part of our lives is responsible for the person we become but that doesn’t mean we have to let or instead allow ourselves to be defined by the parts that bring out the worst in us. We cannot change the circumstances that are responsible for the dark side but we definitely choose to be happy and that means letting go or instead resting our troubled sides. And by rest I don’t mean boxing our wounds without going back to them to heal them, even if it takes time, heal them because boxing them before they become scars still gives them a chance to come back and hurt us.

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