From Jozi to Stellies to CPT – Stepping out of my comfort zone

by May Krause

I was born and schooled in Johannesburg. Big, bad, crazy wonderful Joburg, I was a Jozi girl through and through. When I moved to the quaint and historically beautiful town of Stellenbosch for university, I happily donned my Matie shirt and threw myself into my own independence. Last year, after graduating I was more than ready for a change. Two years of covid had exhausted me (and almost everyone) and I felt stuck in a time warp, with the same faces who still had one goal and one goal only, to party as hard as they could. I was over that and had been since 2020 when my degree kicked into a higher gear. So, with my 3-year undergrad coming to an end, I knew it was time to leave. I needed a change, a fresh start, a new view, another layer to me.

Cape Town was the next beautiful Western Cape destination for me. I had visited my UCT friends on weekends and was already halfway in love with the vibey atmosphere, incredible nature and too- numerous to name stunning views at every turn. Whether those be of the sparkling sea, the magnificent mountain, vineyards or bustling busy streets or markets. Moving here and starting my honors at a new university knowing no one both excited and scared me but it has been the best decision I have made.

From watching the sunrise while driving around the mountain to campus, to being in my happy space, the lab, and having catchups with the wonderful friends I study with – my days are filled with interesting, challenging, expansive learning and then sensory delights in the beautiful cape. I have grown so much, in all the ways that are important. I am studying and learning what I am most passionate about. I most importantly, to me, I am the happiest I have been in a while. So, for those out there that are worried about making a change, moving away from what you know or what may feel comfortable, just do it. You never know… it might just pay off with a bigger, brighter, happier more challenging, varied, stunning view.

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