The Covid Storm

by Pearly Joubert

An unexpected storm
Wild and unpredictable
Such an unusual form
But undeniable

Wind, hale and rain
Increasing world-wide pain
Help! The children are crying
Scientists and doctors were trying
But Covid couldn’t care less; did its best,
And put people to rest

Hospitals overcrowding
Made the beds limited
Businesses drowning
Humans became intimidated

So, we created lockdowns
Morning, afternoon and evening, we stayed in our gowns
Working from home
Having zoom meetings with colleagues from Rome
Every five minutes, washing our hands; trying our best
To not let Covid, put us to rest

Unfortunately, the rate of mutation,
created a Beta, Gamma and Omicron nation
Wearing masks couldn’t even make the storm end
Covid made sure it became a legend.

Friends became round icons on a screen
Some lecturers became a meme
WhatsApp became my hang-out spot
And although Covid is smaller than a dot
Its impact greater than a storm
Covid became our norm

Despite it all, I had time to look at the stars
Also, read about Elon Musk and Mars
I could spend quality time with my sister
Which usually only happened end semester
Almost beat my dad at chess
And helped my mom clean up the kitchen mess

There were conspiracy theories
Bill Gates using vaccines to implant microchips
Storming influx of online queries
We realized the need for improvement in our leadership
Learn from our history
To prevent a similar catastrophe

We can now un-mask?
I heard everyone ask…

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