Reflective piece.

by Nkosazana Shange

As time goes by, I think to myself, when is the end coming, I need a Holiday. I had already imagined in my mind what I will do to relax my body; sleep all day, watching TV with my family or going out to eat at a fancy restaurant with my friends. Meanwhile I have assignments to finish and tests to prepare for. Well, the progress has been excellent, and all due dates are met. What then is missing? a long break.

Many might agree with me when I say nothing ever comes easy in life, it all requires hard work and determination. As students, we have worked probably for more than 12years, and it’s no joke. In the end the wages of hard work are good. This is encouragement for those time where you feel down and drained. However, a break is still needed. It is no crime that want you to take a day off and do something nothing related to your work. There is no condemnation in relaxing amongst busy days. We all do need time some time to alleviate stress and burdens. Therefore, take a break and keep calm. The world will not end when you ease up. That has been my experience this year as a student. Yes, the work is plentiful and when one might feel burnt out that is the opportunity to take a break. Mental health is very important. If we take very good care of our mental health, then we can easily overcome a lot of challenges we face every day.

We do get tired and its okay, we have overcome so much to reach where we are, and we can persist. Thus, even though you have a busy schedule, take some time off and reward yourself for your hard work. Fill your day with sunshine and go to the beach. Remember you are important and awesome, be good to yourself and persevere.

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