Reflective Piece

by Eden Levi

Back in high school when I started Physical Sciences, my intrigue and love for chemistry and working in a laboratory started to blossom. I knew that this field was one that had more to offer as my understanding developed, and that there were so many directions I could take. Most importantly, these different paths would lead me to impact people’s lives in different ways. Coming to UCT to do my Honours year has always been part of my plan, but the way this year has panned out was certainly not in my horizon.

2021 has been a year of firsts for me. I have taken the leap of leaving home and with that my family. Moving to Cape Town knowing only my brother, it has been important for me to try and foster relationships with my new classmates, albeit not in the manner I would have liked to. Something about sitting on a Teams call just isn’t the same as spending time in the lab together, where new science and friendships are discovered.

Adapting to online learning wasn’t difficult last year, since I was already adept with the tools used and lecturers at UP. However, moving to a new university during a pandemic has posed a new set of challenges. Unfamiliar software meant that rudimentary tasks took longer, and when it came to in person activities, it felt like I was thrown back to Day 1, trying to decipher what venue TBC was.

However, it is now August and I have completed my first semester. I have managed to maintain my high standards of work, but this hasn’t come without sacrifices. Missing social events with my new friends, late nights, and early mornings, and plenty of rescue remedy.

I am particularly excited for this next chapter of my university experience since I am going to be focusing on my research project. My work could have an impact on some severely sick people, and what more could one ask for. It’s onwards and upwards from here, and anything that comes in my way will just be seen as one more hurdle on my journey.

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