Lockdown and online learning

Lockdown continues! It’s been about 4 months of lockdown and the life of online learning has not appeared to slow down. I have found that I have had more time to focus on academics, most likely due to no travel time, although actually executing the studying part is difficult. During the writing of my first test, finding a quiet workplace at home to complete this test was non-existent and I struggled to finish the test. The assessments and tests that followed, I managed to prepare my environment to be more efficient.

Getting used to a software like Prism felt powerful because of the many applications this programme can be used for. However, knowing what I was doing with it made me feel lost. It felt like using Prism was “out of my league”.

I guess I have become way too comfortable being at home with my family. I do admit it is very nice to not have to worry about cooking or any chores I would have to do by myself if I were back in Cape Town. Getting back into the swing of things upon returning back to Cape Town will be challenging.

Josh Loyson

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